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Get an instant valuation

Arrange a free agent valuation

The simple, free, no-obligation way to request a valuation of your home from estate and letting agents who are experts in your local area.

Why choose an agent valuation?

Most accurate valuation

An agent visiting your home is the most accurate way to determine the value of your property for an in-depth property appraisal and estimation.

Find local experts

Whether you’re looking to sell, let, or remortgage we’ll connect you with local estate agents with expert knowledge of your local market.

Completely free

There is no charge whatsoever to arrange an agent valuation of your home, so there is simply nothing to lose.

No commitment to sell

There is no obligation to use the estate agent that visits your home if you decide to move forward and sell your home.

Select multiple agents

Receiving multiple valuations is always advised so you know you’re marketing at the correct price. We recommend selecting at least 3 agents.

A time that suits you

Once you have chosen the agents to visit, they will be in touch and will work around your diary as to when is best to visit your home.