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Rent checker

Check how much your property could rent for with our rental value calculator. Enter your postcode and answer a few simple questions to get an instant online rental valuation.

Find the rental value of your home

Our online rental valuation calculator gives you a free and instant estimate of the rental value of your home or property. Start by entering your postcode, answer a few simple questions, and you'll have your rental valuation in under three minutes from start to finish.

Once you’ve received your online rent estimate, if you’d like one of our expert estate agents to visit your property and provide a personal market appraisal, our handy tool can also help you to quickly find OnTheMarket agents in your local area. If you are finding that the bureaucracy and paperwork of managing a rental property is starting to become too much you may consider speaking to an OnTheMarket agent about taking over the management and dealing with the hassle.

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Rent Value Calculator

Discover your property's true worth with our Rent Value Calculator! Our advanced tool analyses key factors like rental trends over the past 12 to 18 months. It considers postcode data as well as the square footage of your property. The Rent Value Calculator factors in your bedroom count to provide you with a precise rental estimate. Stay ahead in the rental market by leveraging our Rent Value Calculator – the smart solution for landlords and property investors.

How Much Can I Rent My House For

Unlock the perfect rental value: Wondering, 'How much can I rent my house for?' The rent you charge for a property depends on many factors. The likes of outside space and property condition take centre stage in rental property selection. Location is key, considering proximity to schools, efficient transportation, and bustling job opportunities to enhance the overall appeal of your property. We analyse the competitive landscape, ensuring your rental rate aligns with current market trends when deciding how much rent you should charge. The condition of your property is crucial, with modern amenities and well-maintained spaces contributing to its overall desirability. Our insightful tool empowers you with the knowledge to make informed decisions on how much you can rent your house for and maximising the rental potential of your property effortlessly.

Rent checker

Frequently asked questions

  • How are online rental valuations calculated?
    Our rental valuations are calculated independently by and are indicative based on the information you provide. If you decide to sell or let your home, a local estate agent will need to visit to confirm its current market value.
  • What are the benefits of an online rental valuation?
    If you’re looking for a quick and easy estimate of your property’s value, an online rental valuation is the way to go. Our tool provides an estimated value of your property based on your home details and postcode. It’s a great place to start if you haven’t valued your property ever before or recently.
  • How else can I get my house valued by a human?
    You can also simply enter your postcode and a few personal details and we will present a selection of agents with local area expertise who are marketing properties in your local area. You can select your preferred agents who will get in contact with you directly to arrange a free valuation appointment, whenever is convenient for you.