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Collaborative search is here

Sort and stay organised.

MyLists allows you to arrange your saved homes into convenient lists.

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Invite and search together.

Share your favourite property lists with friends and family.

Collaborate and save time.

Swap comments on your shared properties without having to switch between messaging apps.

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Features for serious property seekers

Very Important Places (VIP’s)

VIP’s show you how far away properties are from the places that matter most to you.

If you want to see how close you are to a gym, school or friend’s house, simply turn on VIP’s under settings.

Earn your badges

Badges have been added to your MyPlace account, unlocking all of our new features, giving you the edge in finding your home. Now, you can collaborate, set up property alerts, become a qualified buyer and much more…

Start unlocking your badges today!

Property Watch & Multi-Location Search

You won’t miss a beat with Property Watch

Found your perfect property, but it’s already under offer?

‘Watch’ properties in your saved lists and stay informed of property activity, such as price changes or if the property becomes re-available.

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Looking for a property but not set on one location?

Multiple locations are now just one click away. Try our new Multi-Location Search, where you can see properties from up to five areas at once.


A personalised experience tailored to your needs

If you’re buying, selling, renting or a landlord, you can customise your MyPlace experience.

Our tools and features will be tailored to meet your specific needs right from the start.

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Understanding markets & helping you move


With MyMove you can become Buyer Ready, find a valuation that suits you or let an expert local estate agent know that you’re serious about moving.

When you’re all settled, we can even help you with your change of address.


Is now the right time to sell?

All the market knowledge you need at your fingertips with MyMarket, helping you decide when to make your next move.

Using local market data, we’ll show you what the market is like in your area, recently sold properties, what other property seekers are searching for and average sale prices.