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Build to Rent

Find out about Build to Rent and what benefits could it offer you

What is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent is exactly what it says on the tin: properties, often apartments, that are purpose-built for private rental rather than sale. It’s been available in the UK since 2012, having been used as part of the London Olympic Games legacy programme, transforming the athlete’s accommodation into private rentals in Stratford’s East Village.

Often owned by property or management companies, these properties can offer renters added security and stability as well as a sense of community.



As Build to Rent properties are specifically designed for renting, landlords are able to offer tenants flexible and long term tenancy agreements, making it perfect for those looking to set down more permanent roots for work or a requirement to be near a school for example. It can also offer tenants a hassle-free lifestyle as pricing is usually transparent with no surprise rent increases.

Additionally, there’s no added worry around the landlord wanting to move into the property or sell it once tenants have settled in.

high quality of living

High quality of living

Living in a brand new, purpose built property means modern and sustainable living has often been incorporated into the design, utilising energy efficient technology and finished to a high standard.

These schemes are professionally managed meaning they're well maintained and often have an onsite concierge and maintenance teams.

community and amenities

Community and amenities

Build to Rent apartment buildings can regularly be found as part of larger developments that are community focused, bringing tenants together through social events making them a great choice if you’re new to an area.

Additional amenities vary between developments but can range from concierge and cleaning services to gyms, communal workspaces and even cinema rooms.

key benefits

Key benefits of Build to Rent summary to consider

Peace of mind
The higher level of transparency offered by Build to Rent properties means there is some added reassurance for tenants. In addition Built for Renters landlords must be a member of a recognised ombudsman scheme and alongside this a proper complaints procedure for tenants

Quality of living space
Properties are specifically designed to offer high quality homes for tenants that are seeking a longer term tenancy

Sense of community
Tenants can benefit from a community focus by design that can factor in green space and amenities that offer the chance to meet and socialise with other tenants