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Property & houses for sale in Nottingham

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the average house price of properties for sale in Nottingham?
    The average house price for property for sale in Nottingham is £281,000, as of December 14, 2023. Visit the sold prices section for the most up to date information on house prices in Nottingham.
  • What are the best schools for properties for sale in Nottingham?
    The West Bridgford School, Rushcliffe School and Outwood Academy Valley are among the best secondary schools in Nottinghamshire while Kinoulton Primary School is considered the best for primary education.
  • What are public transport links like for properties for sale in Nottingham?
    Nottingham is home to an award-winning integrated transport system which gives residents a multi-operator ticketing system across the bus, tram and rail network. The East Midlands Railway runs through the city, taking passengers north to Sheffield and south into London St Pancras International.
  • What is the population and demographics of Nottingham?
    Nottingham has a very small official city boundary and therefore a small population of 306,000. However, the wider Nottingham Urban Area has an estimated population of 787,610. Rising population numbers in the city can be attributed to rising birth rates, immigration to the area and an increasing number of students.
  • What are the best attractions in Nottingham?
    Known for its role in the legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham plays host to a number of great attractions such as the hilltop Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery as well as Wollaton Hall, an ornate mansion with sprawling gardens and a deer park.
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